Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival (Hard Ticket)

Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival (Hard Ticket)
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  Attention: Due to the Corona Pandemic and the uncertainties... more
Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival (Hard Ticket)



Attention: Due to the Corona Pandemic and the uncertainties resulting from it, we are suspending ticket sales for the Wonderland Festival for the time being until May 31, until we can assess under which conditions the festival can take place.

The gates to Wonderland will open again at a clearing at the Stemwede mountain. Every summer in the middle of the woods in-between trees and mushrooms, caterpillars and centipedes the valley transforms into a fairytale forest where everything is possible. Countless DJs and yogis, artists and shamans will gather to enchant the forest with you. On four dancefloors all genres of psychedelic music are played and our open spaces invite for camping on meadows and fields.

You get a printed ticket, which will be sent to you by registered mail. An additional 5€ handling fee and 3,30€ postage will be charged (we only ship to Germany!). If you prefer to order an electronic ticket for printing yourself or saving it on your mobile phone, click here.

Tickets are available at the following prices, those who order earlier pay less. Otherwise the tickets do not differ! 
An additional trash deposit of 5€ will be charged per ticket, which you will get back after the festival when you return a filled garbage bag.

1. Early Bird Ticket 78€
2. Ticket 92€
3. Ticket 107€
4. Late Owl Ticket 112€
5. Final Owl Ticket 125€

Camping is included in the ticket!

In addition you can also book a pitch with electricity here.

Important information about the ticket
The ticket contains 5€ trash deposit, which you will get back when you return a filled garbage bag. When you return the ticket, you will receive your wristband at the entrance, the garbage deposit stamp is on the wristband.

Don't buy tickets from strangers or people you can't trust! Each QR code is only valid once. One person can always sell the same ticket to several people. Only the first person to show it at the ticket office will be granted admission.

We will open our gates for you on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 12:00 pm, no admission is possible beforehand! Admission only from 18 years and with valid identity card, driver's license or passport, no copy!

Forest law: There is no room for racism, sexism and homophobia at Waldfrieden, watch out for each other and treat each other respectfully! If you feel harassed or if you observe something, please contact the security or bar personnel to get help. Please also don't take photos, leave dogs at home, do not use graffiti / eddings and confetti and don't throw trash into nature! The rules in detail can be found here with detailed explanations.

Traffic checks by the police on arrival and departure must be expected, use the free bus shuttle from Lemförde station and Rahden.

All information about the festival can be found here.

No tent? No problem!

You can reserve camping equipment here.